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JNCO has the following characteristics:

Responsive: the Observatory is sensitive to changes in the Jordanian economy whether at the macro or micro level, thereby enabling it to work as a centre for early warning signals.

Inclusive of a Systematic Database: the observatory has a means for creating a rich database through systematic data collection, thereby enabling it to regularly and accurately assess the performance of the Jordanian economy at the micro and macro level.

A Monitoring and Evaluation System: the Observatory has a monitoring and evaluation system in place in order to ensure operational efficacy and assess its usefulness to the Jordanian economy.

Flexible: the Observatory is flexible and able to adapt easily to the addition of sectors for performance monitoring and assessment, as well as the addition of new indicators, or analysis tools.

Involved in International and Regional Networking: the effective operation of the Observatory involves the ability to incorporate and exploit international and regional networks in order to accelerate data collection for benchmarking purposes, as well as identify new sectoral trends and developments which may affect the performance of the local sectors monitored.

Appropriately Staffed: the Observatory is created in such a way that appropriate staff can be recruited with the skills necessary to fully operate and continuously develop the project, with completed job descriptions for each proposed position.

Analytical: most importantly the Observatory operates under a defined framework that offers a comprehensive analytical evaluation of the Jordanian economy through the analysis of certain sectors. The Observatory must employ effective analytical processes that ensure its usefulness in the evaluation of the Jordanian economy and the identification of sectoral strengths and weaknesses.

Institutionalized: the Observatory is institutionalized and systematic; it must not by any means be governed or connected to a specific individual or organization, whose absence or presence might jeopardize the continuity of the Observatory’s operations.

JNCT published the cluster studies of the unit in a book titled “Jordan Competitiveness Book: Confronting the Competitiveness Challenge” it explains the concept of competitiveness, documents the team’s mechanism of work, and the main accomplishments in terms of cluster based research and Jordan’s performance in the GCR 2001-2002 and AWCR 2002-2003.